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Been a dead month…

March 3, 2016

Haven’t done a damn thing since the 15th of February. Following week was in  the -teens, next got the flu, down for 4 days, feel better, freezing rain and can’t get the cover off because is it frozen to the deck. This week? Down with a chest cold since Sunday night, about half way through it. So just about 4 weeks with nothing. Oh well.

I did get the tabs drilled off and cut for the floor moving, and picked up a length of 5/8 threaded rod and some nuts and washers. I’ve also picked up some 2x 1/2/x 1/8 channel, for the floors. I tried to get some more of that 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 tee bar and there is none to be found. So, the change over to channel was made, and It should work out the same. I may yet have to pick up some more of it, not sure yet. I did start messing around at the drafting table coordinating the under floor beams with the layout of the furniture. Not much point in having the floor beams offset from the sides of the furniture, so there have been a few changes made since I first laid out the plan.

Assuming this cold goes away, next week is calling for highs of 16C, so maybe back at it?

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