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Finally back at it…

April 15, 2016

Haven’t done a damn thing since the first week of February. First got a flu, back to work for a week and then a cold with the possibility of pneumonia. Since I’m diabetic and my immune system isn’t too good, something to be vigorously handled. Ended up off for about 5 weeks, and did zip. So now the sun is out, launch is in 2 weeks and the yard is full of people getting ready. I’m staying out, can’t do the work if I’m sitting in the water so I’ll have peace n quiet at the north end of the yard.

Humped some stuff down today, and had another look at the floors. Got them figured out, and have pretty much all the material to do them. I may even be able to salvage most of the original floors, and only have to make up one or two small pieces. I figure I can cut up the small ones and splice that material onto the ones I will keep. It occurred to me that I bought a biscuit cutter last time I made up a table so, using that, I can splice the new bits onto the old ones. Add a couple of long nails in from the edge and they should be just fine with a sanding and a coat of epoxy on both sides.

Did some thinking and determined where the cockpit drain thru  hulls are going. The hose I’m using is rated at 60PSI for chemicals so water should be no  problem at 2 feet below the waterline. After all the old engine cooling thru hull was there before. Gotta get them in before I pull the winter cover off. It’s getting pretty ratty.

Had a look at the furniture dimensions, 18″ seat height will give me at least 18-20″ seat backs and still leave enough room under the side decks for the pilot berths. (24″ vertical minimum). I’m also contemplating putting two custom water tanks under the aft end of the pilot berths, in the space left over between frames 5 and six after the galley cabinet is installed. Should be 22-23 inches wide and about 18-24 deep, following the frames. Gallons? Who knows. But one on either side will be plenty and will allow balancing to take care of any listing.

That’s it for now. Next work session will be next Wednesday. TTFN



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