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Ok back at it…

April 23, 2016

Last Wednesday was my first decent day working on the boat since early February. Turned out to be not a bad day, got back into doing the floor framing. The idea of using a treaded rod to pull them back into alignment worked perfectly after I got my welding technique back. First couple of tries was a bust as the blocks just pulled off the tops of the frames as tension came on them. As a matter of fact, I once actually pushed one over after welding it. Hmmm. Some more adjustments to the feed rate and the voltage soon brought that under control.



So I got the first new fore and aft piece in, and welded shims onto the back of the cross ways frames. That and the rest of the farting around took a good 7 hrs. Got home covered in dirt, had a shower and that was it. Woke up the next morning stiff as a board, so it’s gonna be the usual, work a day or two and suffer for a week. Gotta come up with a better way.

I also had a labor dispute, my brother is always whining about having no money and do I have work for him. So I hired him and down we went. As usual it ended in a huge argument, I treat him like a slave, don’t pay him enough, arguing about what I wanted him to do, and aren’t I going to help him etc etc. Finally after an hour and a half, I said “enough”. Marched his ass off the boat, drove him to the beer store, handed him the pay for 1.5 hours and said “never again”. Being family sometimes just isn’t enough.

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