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OK. starting to move along…

April 29, 2016

Had my usual 3 days off this week and got in two days worth of fitting and welding. Finished up the center framing on bay 4-5, and bay 5-6. The galley post is nailed in good and solid, and I got the aft face of frame 6 done before I packed it in last night. Pretty much had get that done, otherwise there wouldn’t be a floor to put the companion way steps on.

The floor for frame 7 (the last one in the cabin) is going to require a bit of fiddling with, as it is raised higher than the actual floor height so that the floor for the galley and the chart table is wider. I expect I’ll have to add a bit more support to it, as it currently is only bolted in two spots and tends to bend over. I had to weld tabs on the bottom edge, to get it to mate up with the 5/16 floor beam which are now about an inch below the bottom of the angle. The ends of the floor are floating free in space. I suspect a couple of small tabs at either end plus a couple of 1 x 1 x 1/4 angle supports will solidify that.

I’m also debating on whether or not to raise the floor on the back side of 6 to match it, making a slight step down into the rest of the cabin. So far it’s been slanted, and its never bothered me, so I might just leave it as is.

I have delayed putting in the side floors, as once they are in, it becomes harder to chip and sandblast. I’ve cut most of them (probably off now as the frames moved) and am just waiting to do the chipping and E-coating.

As I mentioned in my last post, last week I got in one day of work, and hurt for 3 days afterwards. So this time I’ve tried a new approach. In addition to the regular salt pills, and lots of mineral water, I started taking Tylenol 3 tablets every couple of hours. Maintained them at about 1 every 4 hours that evening and two over night. Next day, I hardly felt bad at all. Repeated the method and it seems to work fine. I’ve already seen the doctor for more Tylenol 3 and the heavier Endocets if I really mess myself  up. It looks like getting in 20-25 hours on my 3 days off now has a better chance of happening.

Didn’t go down today, Launch is started, all the heavier boats are picked up and swung over the fence, along with all the trailer boats. Not a place to be for working, so I suffered through doing my taxes. The comments made during that exercise are unprintable. Next weekend is mast stepping, I’ll be down there for that all day Friday, so Wednesday and Thursday will be work days. Bonus, I’ll finally have the yard to myself again, and can fire up the compressor. Chipping time.

Forgot to take photos, next time.


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