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I hate the heat!!!!

July 30, 2016

So far this month I’ve gotten 11.6 hours in. Last time I went down (yesterday) the thermometers inside the cabin read 87F and 91F. Time before that, 95F and 100F respectively but I got in 4 hours.  Found a dead bird that some how got inside and died of thirst. Man, talk about a stink. At least I didn’t have to go hunting for the corpse, I had visions of crawling round under the cockpit searching. Found it right in the middle of the cabin floor. Cleaned that up and  wiped the floor down with lacquer thinner, the stink went away for the most part.

That second last trip saw the 3/4 inch ply backing plate cut for under the pedestal, and the final position laid out and holes marked. Got it all epoxy coated over the next couple of days, and picked up the nuts, bolts and clips needed to hold it in position under the cockpit sole.  Went down yesterday and clamped the clips in place, and positioned the plate, then drilled two holes at 1/8 for screws to keep it located, then two at 27/32nds to allow tapping of the holes for 1/2-13 thread. Problem came when I went to open up the holes in the sole, couldn’t find the 1/2 inch drill and burned the smaller one to a crisp. I’m going to have to open up those holes with the die grinder. I have made up the tooling needed to measure the final shaft and log length. so far it looks like I can cut a good 10-12 inches off of the shaft and cut and re-machine the log about the same length. After that is done, I can get back to installing the lower bracket (correctly this time) and shaft log.

It’s about time that I called Mike again, to get the last of the welding done. I may try to install the under deck beams for the patch over the old forward hatch, my welding is once again good enough for that but I will let him do the shaft log. Probably get that set up for September, when it cools some. I’ve gotten Gerry Rolleson to give me a hand with all the through hull fittings when he gets back from vacation in mid August, and the concept for putting the exhaust on the starboard side for a greater distance and depth of fall seems to be feasible. The hose will loop back to frame 9, and then forward of frame 8 alongside the engine bearers. The cockpit drains will cross over the center line and then run forward to just aft of frame 7. They will co-located with the raw water inlet, and thus readily accessible from the galley. I may have to change out the hose at some point, although the hose is rated at 60 psi for fertilizer and other chemicals but the ribbing may be a problem.

It’s a bummer that the heat seems to go on and on but risking heat sickness isn’t in the cards anymore. Oh well, there are other things to keep me busy. Fuel system, and electrical system designs need to be worked on yet.




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