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Bit by bit, things get done.

August 31, 2016

The heat wave just doesn’t want to stop. Currently 83F in the shade with humidity running around 65%. Oh well. Fall is coming soon. Got down a couple of weeks ago, in a minor somewhat cooler period, and  did some work on the exhaust. Using the cheaper hose I’ve laid out the runs and it appears that the plan to run it back to frame 9 and then forward on the starboard side will work just fine. The water box will sit neatly down beside the engine and the 15cm down/15 cm long minimums will be easily met and exceeded. From the water box, the hose will run just about vertical to the underside of the cockpit seats and then back to a gooseneck fitting I plan on having made up from 316 stainless tube. I’ll also replace the two cockpit fittings at the same time. Might as well get it all cut and welded at the same time. I’ll order the tube shortly.

Exhaust route 2 forward face Exhaust hose 3


Regarding the rudder shaft and log, I’ve finally settled on having the radial drive hub up. It still means cutting down the shaft log to allow for the stuffing box and clearance to put in the packing but it is decided and I just got back from dropping off the parts at the machine shop. There will still be enough room above the hub to put on a tiller arm and use that as the rudder stop, taking the drive, cable, chain and wheel out of the equation. Otherwise the stop would be on the outer rim of the drive, using that as the tiller. Still have a bit of time left to decide, but which ever way it goes, its off to the machine shop next week. If I do it right I can also use the tiller as a mount for the emergency steering shaft.

Got an email from my welder, asking if I was still alive. Can’t do much until the weather breaks but it is the end of August and tomorrow is calling for better conditions so it’s time to get my ass in gear again. I started futzing with the pulpit, spent a couple hours cutting out a pair of fittings to mount the first cross beam on the stem, the materials are all on hand now as well. The material for the closing in of the old forward hatch is also on hand. I’ve decide to fix the cheesy way I sealed off the old cockpit drains, which will require making up a couple of filler disks. And the rudder. Where to begin. The bottom fitting is a tad wonky so it will have to be redone but I’m not touching that til I get the shaft log back. Inside, I have to start thinking about replacing the crawl way frames with steel, save space and weight. The material for that is on hand for frames 7, 8, and 9.

All things considered I can see light at the end of this tunnel. The last of the welding will be done. Then the chipping can recommence, and e-coating. Through hulls all go in, as well as the depth sounder and sumlog. That will finish the hull and she will float.

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