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Ah, fall, Gotta love it.

October 7, 2016

The weather has been pretty good lately, and I’m pushing ahead. Days are shorter still but going down just after noon gives me about 6 hours. Tried pushing it a bit, not good for the bod. So we muddle along, things still get done. And let me tell you, being down at the club, getting dirty and burned in spots sure beats hell out of the “Job”. Like the councilor said last time I went of on medical leave for depression, this is my therapy.

Ok. I took the pulpit apart again, after establishing a center line between the stem and the baby stay anchor. This give me a straight line of about 5 and a half feet, projecting forward past the bow. (that humungous caliper comes in hand for all sorts of things). From this I’ve determined that I missed it again when I redid the cross piece. Now I’ve broken it loose again and will wait til Mike gets here, fix it with the Mk 1 Mod I Eyeball.


I may have to buy a new cross piece, will have to wait for the guys to appear. Having cut the angles, moving it around may open up gaps too large to weld across. (I doubt it, fill it with a small piece of scrap if need be).

Now, the rudder. Taking that apart was an amusing job. Tried sawing off the shaft 3 different times, burned out about a dozen disks and got nowhere. The rudder wasn’t fabricated like the plans show, nor as I thought it would be. Finally ended up moving the cut back from the leading edge a good inch and a half, and bingo, clean as a whistle. Turns out they put a 1/4 inch strip into the rudder and then welded the shaft to the skin. My last cut hit right on the edge of that 1/4 inch strip and took it out just about perfectly. Live and learn, I’m doing much the same to put the new shaft in, only I’m using a piece of 1.25 x .5 inch channel recessed a tad into the skin for a good solid weld. It will be double welded, Channel to skin, and shaft to channel. Mike will love it.

img_0699detail Shaft nestles into the channel.

img_0704 Channel fits snugly into the rudder. A bit of fiddling with the notch at the bottom, and it’s done. And hopefully straight as an arrow.

Having the shaft and the lower bracket together for the first time, I checked out the ball bearing pivot. Works fine, with the shaft riding about 3-5mm above the lower bracket inner face. I’m off to KBC to pick up a tap and drill for 1/4-28 and a couple of grease nipples. After greasing the socket from below, the nipple comes out, into stores and the hole will get filled with a small cap screw.

The under deck structure is roughed in place, and as usual, planning went in the crapper, and I bodged it together. Somewhere in hell there is a special place for the guys who built this mess and called themselves boat builders. Anyway it is all tacked in place. Now I know why I hire Mike. He’s smaller, and more nimble. Trying to tack that stuff from below leads to interesting contortions and probably is why my back went tango uniform a couple of days ago. Thankfully Dr Eix (great guy) did the snap, crack n pop routine yesterday before I went down to the yard and this morning I’m more or less back to usual. Hadn’t seen him in almost a year, so we spent 10 minutes with me on the table and another hour and twenty yapping.

I’m going down again today, to cut the filler plate to size, cut out a few through hull holes and make up disks to fill the ones I need sealed. I’m also going to sand and paint the raw vertical tubes, the humidity has got them starting to fuzz up with rust. So time for sanding and painting with Tremclad.

I have run into a spot of bother, my insurance company needs a survey this year. So I’ll have to cough up $800-$1000 bucks for a guy to come down and tell me its an empty shell. Oh well, sucks to be me. However, this situation has caused me to think a bit on what I’ll do when I retire. To that end I’ve put in for membership to the American Boat and Yacht Council, one of the more recognizable Survey certification groups. Lots of learning, and it takes 5 years before you get the full certification but I figure it is worth doing. Either that or a thrilling job as greeter at Walmart or asking people if they want fries with their burger. Screw that.

Surveying is an interesting job. With all the mucking about I’ve done with boats and other stuff I figure I have a good sound base to start from. God knows, with all the lemons I’ve bought over the years, I’ve learned to pay attention.  Should have done this along time ago but hell, maybe I’ll live long enough to get it done. I could just print up business cards and open up a web page, ( the rules up here in Canada don’t cover any sort of licensing or certification) but if I’m gonna do it, I’ll try to do it right.

Nuff for now, burning daylight here.





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