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Cracking on with the job.

October 13, 2016

Got everything together for Mike to come and finish. Some time in November,  he’s tied up on some large jobs for at least 3 weeks. S’ok with me. I can get lots of other stuff done. Probably start replacing the wood cross beams under the crawlway with angle, and redo do it a bit. Probably raise it a tad. Finally got round to removing the old cockpit drains too, those Mickey Mouse patches didn’t do it for me. So, the hole saw went at it, and today I removed the 1/8″ patches. Tedious but done. I also cut the new holes for the cockpit drains, far enough forward that they can be reached from inside the cabin. I noticed the 4 2×2 posts were starting to rust, so 3 of them have been sanded down and given a coat of Tremclad. Being inside, the Tremclad will last for years. The last on gets done tomorrow and the other three get wet sanded and a second coat.

Had a rather interesting email when I got into work last weekend. “You are now qualified for retirement with 80 points of age and service.” Well Hallelujah!  Not that my pension is that great but with savings, and that, plus Canada Pension, I figure to get about 45% of my current income. So… the smoke pouring out of my ears has been pretty fierce the last few days, calculating. Long story short, If I live aboard my monthly expense come to $1350 in round numbers. This will pretty much keep me in the lifestyle I’m living now, only on the water instead of the cockroach palace I live in now. Plus it will leave some money over for trips and such.

I emailed my fearless leader and asked if they wanted me gone, to pay me half a year’s pay. They’ve been handing out packages left and right, since if one of us leaves they save about $15-25 dollars per hour, depending on who they hire or if they ship it overseas. 3 of my coworkers just left at the end of September, and they all got packages. However they all had more than  25 years where as I only have 18. We will have to see.

The facts are simple. I can’t retire until SD is livable. That costs money. So, either the company can pay me for 6 months and I get some of my benefits as well, or don’t and I’ll hang on for another year and bank oodles of money while still getting her done. Either way, I plan on launching this coming April, and shutting down my apartment in time to live aboard for the winter. My year’s lease is up on the first of June, so I can go month to month after that. If I get a package I can keep the dump until then and move aboard no matter what shape she is in by the end of May. I found out I can get a decent retiree’s benefit package from $160-200 per month. An extra $35-40K will by a lot of coverage for a long time so staying and losing the company benefits isn’t the killer I thought it would be.

One thing I have decided is that if I do get to go by the end of December, buying a lot of materials and hardware now might be a good idea. To that end I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff from Defender, and picked up a bucket of machine screws to put the panels on the furniture when the frame is welded. I’m about to hit Westmarine in Oakville with a huge order to complete the 12v electrical system. Thankfully I’ve already picked up a Blue Sea panel,  LED lights and nav lights, a stereo and speakers, new VHF with AIS and a chart plotter with GPS. The wind insturmentation  I’ve had now for about 6 years, in a box.

I’m going to need a lot of aluminum and plywood, so I’ll start measuring as soon as possible to get the stuff ordered. My storage locker is gonna get pretty crowded. I found a place to buy plastic panels for the ceiling, so a trip to Manitoba might be in the offing next spring. It’s gonna be a crazy year.








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