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Those the Gods wish to destroy…

December 22, 2016

First they make mad. No kidding. Nothing has been done since my last post. Either Mike was busy or I was busy or sick. So nothing. Nada, zip, zero. Strike one.

Next the boat tossed me a curve ball that may or may not be a simple fix. Being as the jokers who built her decided to double plate the bottom, and I’m putting in Marelon sea cocks and through hulls, one requires the two sheets to be nice and tight to each other and parallel. These ain’t. Well, 3 out of four may be considered close but one of them is skewed pretty badly. I pray that there is a special place in hell for the clowns who bodged this hull together.

Possible fixes include clamping and welding the sheets after cutting them with a grinder in a star pattern, and clamping, building sea chests for the bad one and welding the other 3, to cutting a large hole in the bottom and putting in a 1/4 or 5/16 plug large enough to give the sea cock a flat base to sit on. Currently it’s freezing and snowing, so not much is going to happen much before the new year. Strike two.

Next, the club is busting my chops because I’ve been out of the water so long and they want me in, or leave if I’m not done in 2 years. I’ve put in for a dock but still have a lot of work to do that CAN’T be done on the water. So a major push is in order. I’ve already decided that if i can’t make launch again this year I’m going to have her moved to Port Credit and hire their shop to make right the engine alignment, the controls and the fuel system, then have them launch it there.

Or I just may say F,,K it and stay ashore anyway. I’ll know more by the middle of April. Welding to be done, a lot of small welding I can do like the fuel tank mounts and what not, but getting the outside bits chipped and  painted requires me to make more  noise. Apparently they had noise complaints. As in 1 complaint. Which by the way no one said boo to me about. Strike three.

Now the piece de resistance. Apparently I had a heart attack about 5 weeks ago. So it’s off to a cardiologist and all the rest of it. Hell, I didn’t even notice it, unless it was a bit of tightness in the chest that I thought was caused by a new medication I started that day. Oh well. In the mean time I’ve lost it again and am now off work for severe depression. Given the above what would you expect. Our contract at work is history as of the end of November and the company is being prickish. So who knows. Anyway I’m off for an indefinite period. SAD has a good bit to do with it too. Dark and gloomy days don’t help. Strike four.

Who knows. I may just say screw it and pull the plug anyway, boat livable or not. With my pension and the government pension plan I figure I can keep the apartment going for a good while. I just won’t have building funds. Trying to figure a way around that now. More later.






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