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Well another summer starts…

May 16, 2017

Been a while since I wrote something. It hasn’t been a good winter. The winter cover is in shreds, and as usual, piles of other peoples’ trash litter my work area. Spent the last couple of days cleaning up the mess.

On the plus side, the rudder, stanchions and the reducer for the raw water inlet are done. I still have a good deal of welding to get done, hopefully before the end of May. I’ve decided to let the contractor do it all. I’ll start work on cleaning up and e-coating the exterior, chipping rust and painting. The pedestal is ready to be sprayed white, just waiting on the weather to stay above 60F. There are spots on deck, particularly under the fairleads for the mooring lines that need to be chipped, blasted and e-coated. They also need a bit of reworking so the rust won’t be as hard to clean up if it comes back.

I started to  clean up and organized the interior, you’d be surprised at how much junk has accumulated below. So a couple of wheelbarrow loads are headed to the waste bin. One thing I need to do is find out where to dispose of stale gasoline.

Anyway, I’ve been off work for the last 6 months with severe depression, just can’t wait to get back at it, and actually  get something done. Retirement is closing in awful fast, even though I may continue to work after 65. Having a heart attack and with retirment coming at you like a freight train does tend to focus one on more important things. I may even contract out the lining of the interior. We’ll just have to see.

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  1. Hi SaberDancing: I was reading a post from you on CF about your Amerlock 400 recommend of a few years ago. I have a steel, Brent Swain built and launched 2006. Been excellent with insulated steel hull, wood stove etc… little maintenance. However (always that eh?) last year I noticed pits and bumps on the paint below the waterline. I was told this should never happen based on the zinc primer and Wasser MC Tar they sold me and that was expensively spray painted on. Reading CF posts it now appears the zinc primer is the culprit setting up a reaction (eventually) with salt water. This is true as I have seen many boats on the BC coast of this design have the same thing going on. So, I intend to get on the hard soon; sand blast with 30/60 garnet; paint with Ameron 400 aka / Ameron 2. If there is ANYTHING that would help before I do this I would honour your suggestion. Surfing the web, the tilt seems to favour this product for below and above the waterline for steel boats. My original (expensive) paint job was supposed to last 30 yrs. Above the waterline…it is flawless. P.S… I have been living aboard and cruising the BC coast for 10 yrs and do not have a single regret… and am in awe of the wilderness still here … still much the same after 1000’s of years and pretty much to yourself in some north coast areas. Good cheer to you…. and thanks in advance. Gary Prebble

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