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So far so good…

October 3, 2017

I finished my leave of absence on the 30th. All the major welding is now done. I still have a bunch of minor stuff to do, but that can wait til later in the year. Right now I’m pushing to get all the through hulls and the depth sounder and sumlog housings into the bottom before it gets too cold. The weather is truly bizarre, one day it is in the high 80s, a day later down to the 60s and a few days from now it’s going to bound back up to the high 70s. (but don’t worry, Trump says climate change is all bullshit anyway!)

The rudder shaft log is now welded in place, the piece of tube between the hull and the lower bracket has been cut free and it looks good. I’ve finished the lower bracket, and the bushing is installed into it. I ran a hone up through the hull section to clean out any rust and burrs, then the rudder Was lifted up into position and blocked. The lower bracket went on, and it is now supporting the rudder. The upper bushing has been half inserted with a bit of effort and the rudder swings like a barn door. I’ll need to build a tool to get the upper bushing bedded down. I’ll do that tomorrow.

Yesterday I picked up the last of the exhaust hose I need, the fuel fill hose, a new fuel filter with a metal bowl (as is now required by ABYC specs), a transom outlet for the exhaust and a Vetus gooseneck for the exhaust. I’m still not certain where I’ll mount the gooseneck but the parts are now all on hand but for the clamps.

The fuel tank mount is just about done, I just need to cut a couple of diagonal braces and weld them in place. The fuel fill has been cut down by 3 inches to allow the hose to follow a more gentle curve. I’ve glued down the plastic insulation strips with 5200, and the tank is ready to go in place. Putting on the proper fill hose is gonna be a bitch as it is as stiff as hell. I still need to determine where the fuel filter is to be installed and get a fuel shut off valve.

The holes for the through hulls are just about done, still need to put on another coat of epoxy, and clean up the blobs of sealer that hold the pads in place. The DS and sumlog are also ready to be installed after I put one more coat of epoxy in that area.

One thing though, as I frame up the interior bits, I’m running out of room. I expect at some point in the near future I’ll be doing the cutting and fitting in the cockpit or on deck. The starboard  settee is framed, and the galley is also framed. The port side settee parts are being cut and fitted, and that is the end of the floor space for my workmate. So out it has to go.

A trial fit of the fuel tank onto the mount.

I’ll take some more photos on Wednesday and update.




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  1. JAFO permalink

    Good to see you’re getting there at last! Man, what a job it’s been… well done!

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