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October 8, 2017

Went down this morning for a couple of hours, and fabricated the tool needed to set the upper bushing for the rudder shaft. That is now snugly in place, and the rudder turns freely. The through hulls and seacocks were put in last Thursday and I was going to connect up the hoses between the cockpit drains and the seacocks but for some dumb reason I cut the second hose too short by about 2 feet. So I can either buy new hose (good idea as this stuff has the external helical skid strip and makes it hard to get the hose clamps on.) or purchase a fiberglas coupler, and use the two smaller pieces. Being as I am now over $75 thousand dollars into this project I think I’ll use what I have and get the coupler.

I cut and fitted the two struts that keep the fuel tank mount from twisting, they’ll get welded next time Mike is down. I have Thanksgiving off tomorrow so I am planning on getting some more furniture frames, especially the locker bottoms. With all the port side shelves gone, I’m piling stuff up in heaps on the floors. Time to bring some order out of chaos. I’ll also schlep the radial drive down to the boat, and see about finishing the plywood plate that is under the pedestal. It needs a few more holes  drilled and the holes opened for the cable to pass through, then get sealed with epoxy. When that is done I can put a second coat of epoxy on the cockpit sole and set the pedestal in place.

I guess it’s time to puzzle out the throttle and transmission connections now, and see about ordering the cables and fittings for that. Last week I ordered all the parts for my AC electrical system, less the cable and receptacle boxes. They should arrive shortly. Thankfully, I’m coming to the end of the expensive bits, and soon will only need to deal with finishing materials.


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