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Back at it again…

April 3, 2018

I took another leave of absence, as I have to be ready to launch by the 28th of April. Under the new club rules, they may toss me out after 18 years because I’m not in the water. Anyway, I got a lot of stuff done last September, but lost October for various reasons and then my pickup truck was munched in a collision at the beginning of November. So no truck, no tools for almost 3 months while the auto body shop played games. First they fixed half of it, and had to start again when I told them they missed stuff, then they gave it back and had missed even more. Anyway, the insurance paid out $20k to fix a two year old truck that cost $25k brand new. Should have been scrapped but then they would have had to by me a new one under the terms of my policy. Cheap SOBs stiffed me (as usual for an insurance company). Anyway, I was off with a monster bug half of January and  all of February as well, so there’s not been much done.

I got the rudder hung, with the bushings and bearings that were missing the first time round, the rudder swings like a barn door. The stuffing box is in place, (need to put in the packing though) and the radial drive is fitted. Currently drilling holes in the cockpit sole for the pedestal and the engine controls. The pedestal has been rebuild with all new components, and freshly epoxy coated.

I just spent the last couple of days fabricating the hanger bracket for the exhaust gooseneck, its ready to be primed and painted. This afternoon I got started on the dinette seating, framing it with 1x1x1/8 angle. There is about another full day worth of work on that. The starboard side setting is roughed in, that was done in September, and I have put in temporary floors so I have someplace to put all the gear that used to live on the shelves on either side. Those are now all gone but  for the tool shelf up forward on the port side. It can sit there as it doesn’t interfere with anything I’m fabricating now. I have a bunch of flat strip to weld into the stbd settee, and the whole chart table has to be framed.

I’ve cut up the old plywood pieces and used them for temporary cabinet tops, so I have work space again. My work mate is fast running out of room on the cabin floor, and will end up over the side shortly. I suppose I can cut down the legs and put it on top of the stbd settee, and still use it. I’ll have to see.

I’ve been puzzling out the 120v system and picked up a isolation transformer, galvanic isolater, a 120v 2 circuit panel, some duplex receptacles and other odds and ends. Wire has yet to be ordered. Again, it should all be put in by the time the surveyor is due. Or maybe not. Less for me to worry about under time constraints. I’ll  have to see how it goes.

The basic 12v system is also under design, and I have wire, panel, lights, and other bits. What I don’t have is batteries, and battery boxes. The navigation lights are on hand but without a mast this year (needs to be overhauled) I plan on mounting them for power motoring only. I’m going to build a small mast for the white steaming light that will simply bolt down on the mast step. The bow lights will be mounted on a small pylon on the fore deck as the pulpit and bowsprit are not going to be ready in time. This has to be in by the survey.

Anyway, so far so good. I’m pushing hard, and should be ready for the survey in a couple of weeks. My to do list runs something like 15 pages, thankfully about 80% of it is done, and a lot of it is small stuff. Just have to keep banging away.

More photos to follow.



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One Comment
  1. garryck permalink

    Damn.. if I wasn’t on the far side of the planet I’d come give you a hand to make sure you met the deadline..

    Good luck, mate!

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