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Work progresses at a fair clip…

April 14, 2018

Since my last post I’ve been doing nothing but cutting, fitting and welding. For some reason I can’t weld for shit anymore and a lot of the welds are pretty pathetic, but they are still solid and will do for now. Me and the MiG machine can’t get together and put out decent welds. I’m actually thinking of going out and buying a stick machine and go back to using rods.Them at least I can still do.

The port side settee was finished 3 days ago, with all the pieces in place and solid. I can go and get the plywood for the seats, box bottoms and back rest when I have time.  The last hanging shelf that I kept for tools is now gone as well. A left over chunk of plywood sits in the same position on the port pilot berth and all the tools are now resting there.


It’s still looking pretty trashy, but there is now order appearing out of the chaos. The welder and other bits are sitting on odd bits of plywood, and the small tool shelf just under the deck is more of the same.

From there I moved back to the stbd settee which has been (admittedly) mickey  moused together in a hurry to make up the storage I was ripping out. Compared to the port side, there isn’t one square joint  anywhere on it. But with a bit more mickey mousing, all the bits that were missing are now in place, and all the plywood that was cut for seat covers and box bottoms  has been redone, and works better. The backrest and the pilot berth are now solidly welded in place, and I’ve reused some of the old 3/4 inch planks from the crawlway as shelf material for the pilot berth.

The chart table was boxed in, with adequate access to the crawlway left. I now have rough dimensions for the cooler, which looks to be about 4.5 cu ft. I was going to use 6 inches of foam but that won’t leave much interior space. So a compromise of 4 inches will do. The cooling unit will just work a bit more. Considering most boats have 2 inches as a factory build I’ll live with 4. It should be possible to add more once the box is in place and fill the voids with more foam.

The galley opening for the stove was also  boxed in, but there are a few more parts to put in place there. I had to make up the template for the stove  so I could finalize the exact placement of the pivots. The template was made up last night and is ready to go. I’ve also priced out sheet stainless steel for the surround. Each piece will cost roughly $50 but can be custom sheared to fit once I provide the templates. We have a guy here at the club who is a wizard on a TIG machine and he can weld the box together. Again, later this summer.

With more space now in the main cabin, I finally emptied all the steel and other crap  from the forward cabin and its all sitting on top of the stbd pilot berth. That will remain material stowage until all the welding is done. Come launch anything there can be lashed down. Speaking of space, I cut the legs of the workmate down about 6 inches, shifted the plastic feet to the new ends and it now sits quite happily on top of the stbd settee. It’s just tall enough that the steel angle I’m working will will project over the top of the chart table frame. So now working outside yet. 🙂

With most of the main cabin welding done, it’s time to work on the final bit, the forward cabin. The material was picked up yesterday. It’s sitting in the back of the truck along with a load of gear I need to get on board for the survey. Unfortunately it is calling for 3-4 days of ice rain. I was planning on going down today, but the idea of skating on a tilted deck 15 feet off the ground put paid to that idea. So today at least will be spent on design work for the two electrical systems and having a look at the composting toilet. I need to figure out the dimensions for that space but I fear my original placement is not going to work. It may end up moved under the head end of the bunk in the forward cabin. Thank god for the constant air flow from the vent fan.

I have to take more photos, the ones on my camera are from work stages long past. I have to say that at the end of every day I can see things coming together. The main cabin is starting to look like living space. The only real worry I have is the survey. That should take place next Thursday or Friday and I still have a bunch of stuff to get done by then. Hopefully the weather will try and be at least a bit agreeable.

More later.



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    Lookin’ Good!

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