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Racing against time…

April 19, 2018

The surveyor is due at 2pm on Saturday.

As I am putting things together, I’m finding the little things are the ones that are trouble. Got the vent hose for the fuel tank, but no hose clamps. Went to mount the fuel filter but don’t have the right machine screws, so it’s jury rigged. Miscalculated on the length of exhaust hose, (By 6.5 feet no less) and need a straight fibreglas connector for the hose. Can’t mount the manual pump until I have a panel installed to bolt it to. These things get added to the book, and I move on to the next bit.

The weather is pretty bizarre, lost 4 days to ice rain. Got down yesterday for 6 hrs, got a lot done. Went down today and lasted an hour working outside and humping things up on deck and into the boat. Had my brother to help, won’t be doing that again. Tomorrow is supposed to be the start of warmer weather, I’ll be down there early. In the mean time some photos for you all.

First, the fuel fittings for the tank. Shutoff valve on the fuel supply line.

Second, the goose neck with the exhaust hose running back to the stern from the waterlock. I need to drill a couple more holes and tap them but for now it is in place. I have hose for the last bit out the back but this is where I need the straight connector. I also have replace the outlet hose as it is decayed and sort of destroyed from  having the electric lines running through it.

Third, the fuel tank mounted, with the filter on the side. Note the really long mounting screws for the filter.

The furniture framework for the starboard settee/pilot berth/chart table.

The electric bilge pump, hangs down into the deep sump.

The deep sump, hose is from the manual bilge pump, the bracket hangs down against the forward face. Its a good 4 feet deep, full of boiler punchings and was a great place to lose tools before I got round to making a cover for it.

I’ll bring the camera along again tomorrow. TTFN


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