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April 28, 2018

Worked steady from the 19th on. The surveyor came down on Saturday and checked things out. Was impressed with what I was trying to do, and wrote it up accordingly. The report got to the insurance company by Thursday and I had the papers by evening. Good to go for launch.

Here’s a blow by blow of everything since the 19th.

Finished the waterlock mount. Welded and bolted down. Located the manual bilge pump. Still need to overhaul it. Take parts down tomorrow. Need hose 1 ½ for that. Cut up piece for the chart table. Replaced the long screws for the filter. Mounted. Need 1 inch hose clamps. Tried to use the plastic bit for the fuel fill. No joy. Will use new inlet relocated to directly over the tank. Poured a beer into the bilge. Unless the surveyor has a really good sense of the funnies, I”m screwed.
Survey done. Got hole drilled for the cables, need to epoxy the base plate. Rebuild the Whale pump. Retightened the stern rail. Installed the anchor hawsepipe in the fore deck. Set 2 of the 3 bolts in the lower bracket. Last one was too short by ¼ inch. Tried to set the forward cleats, need new screws.
Epoxied the back up for the steering pedestal. Bought Batteries.
Bow cleats and anchor hawse pipe installed. Garbage off, winter frames off and stored. Lower bracket now completed. Need grease. Whale pump and hose installed. Fabed up the large washers for the under deck plate. Cleaned up the underside of the cockpit sole and painted. Unsnarled the anchor line. Needs replacement.
Pedestal in place. Missing two bolts. Holes not aligned. Pulled cables, Very little clearance on one, marginal on the other, will need to disassemble and clean out the holes. Picked up ¼ key stock and #8 screws for the 120V inlet and the electric bilge pump. Installed the 1 1/8 elbow and attached the hose for the electric BP. Tried to fix the boarding ladder, broke off again, can’t remove it as it was sprung into position. Worry about it later. Worked on electric BP mount, broke drills. Need more. Started setting up the stanchion, need to bring down sand paper. Perhaps polish a couple of them. Got 5 done ready to install.
Picked up 1 ¼ mandrel to cut packing. Packed the stuffing box, put in too much, almost stripped the threads. Put together the steering. No key way left underneath, brake will have to be top mounted. Put together the electric bilge pump and temporarily mounted it. Hoses are all in place. Cleaned up and reset 8 of 10 stanchions. Two need to be dressed down a bit, they clamped them and made them out of round.
Hauled batteries up into the boat. Painted the bottom.
PSS seal and vent installed. Coupling rough aligned. Radius bolts in radial drive installed. Anodes in place. Float switch mount partly completed. Last two stanchions still fubar. Most bases missing set screws. Sling marks in place, anchor tied down on deck. Rode inside, chain lashed down. Steering tested, OK but need rudder stop. Mooring lines in place, fenders in place.
Installed the DS and Sumlog plugs. No leaks. Pulled the shore power cables back into the boat. Had to re tap the drain hole at the bottom of the keel. 5/16 bolt wouldn’t hold. Opened it to 3/8. Not sure if it is leaking. Water in the bilge, up to the top of the bilge pump platform when I left at 1630. Both 2 inch marelons are leaking at the starbord to body joint. The 2 piece hose leaked, tightened up the clamps. Have to replace that hose asap. PSS seal is tight, Stuffing box is tight. Boat rides higher by about 4-5 inches at the stern. Bow still high, will change with the chain and the mast installed. Went into the water with no problems just after lunch. 1300.

I had a chat with the crane operator, who made note of his readings. His gauges showed 24,000 lbs, less the 5400lbs for the lifting rig. So, she is down around 18,600 lbs. Not bad at all. Approximately 3400 lbs removed by changing the engine, fuel system and ripping out all the interior.

Sweating about the lifting of the cradle wasn’t needed, they lifted her without any problems. When I walked past the place she had sat for 10 years, the fill had been replaced, and a new boat was sitting there.

A little bit angsty here, there are leaks that can not be fixed without pulling her out again. They don’t appear to be very large but they are steady. I’ll have a better idea of the rate when I go down tomorrow and see how deep it is in the sump. Hopefully not much over a foot. Other wise I’ll have to be down there every day to pump her out.

Anyway, some photos.


This is the engine coupling and dripless seal. I sweated buckets getting the engine mount aligned to the shaft centerline, put in  a bushing to hold the shaft centered, slaughtered a sheep, prayed to Odin and cussed a lot. It paid off. With the bushing holding the shaft in line, the motor was off by a 1/16 of an inch low. A few turns of the mount jack screws and all 4 bolts slipped in. It still needs to be precision aligned but for a first go round I’m ecstatic.


The bilge as I left it at 1630. I’ll take another photo when I get down there tomorrow.


Looks good back in her element. Got a lot of cleaning and painting to do this summer.


Bow shot. The rusty stubs on the side are where the bowsprit bolts on. Later this summer for that. I have to redo it, as it sits cockeyed.


As noted she is riding higher at the stern. You can see the rudder and the anode below the boot top line. She used to float with the boot top level with the water. I’d say she’s up by 4-5 inches.

Time to take a break. Back at it again tomorrow.



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  1. JAFO permalink

    Frigging awesome! Congratulations mate! What a hell of a slog it’s been for you, getting to this point.

    But that’s no way to treat a perfectly good beer…

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