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Some decent progress…

July 3, 2022

Since the last update, I’ve been working on getting measurements for all the various panels that make up the furniture. 98% of the welding in the main cabin/galley is done. A few small strips of flat stock or angle that I missed, but realised were needed as the various bits of panelling were planned. In some spots there was inadequate support, so additions to be made. The entire main cabin and galley has been measured and sketched, so the next step was to draw out each panel to scale on to a 4×8 panel drawing to give the best use of a sheet of plywood. Got all that done last Wednesday with very little waste on the sheets. Thursday I went down to Home Depot and bought 4 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood. Pricey stuff, $253 bucks. I had them make 3 major cuts on each panel, so they would fit into the back of the pickup.

It started to get hot and muggy again, So I might get down to the club to do the individual cutting of panels tomorrow. In the mean time, some photos.

Here is one of the cantilever seats. Attached to the main cabin bulkhead at the forward end of the cabin.
Cantilever seat, aft end of the Dinette.
If you look you can see the strut supporting the lower frame about halfway down the length of the seat. You can see the top of the steel frame it is welded to, running behind the mast compression post. There are no frames there to support the seats, ergo, they have to be self supporting.
Aft end of Dinette seat, with the galley cabinet framework exposed. All this will have to be sanded down and painted before the panels are mounted.

I did some checking on prices for Mahogany plywood. Man, I though crap wood plywood was expensive. Try $185 for a 4×8 sheet of mahogany ply. Oh well, I suppose I could keep these things, clean them up and seal them, maybe glue mahogany veneer on them but the veneer is even more expensive. Thankfully I have about 5 years worth of boat funds deposited I’ve never used, been paying the expenses out of my pay check. No pay check, time to start dipping into that fund.

Anyway, the project seems to be coming together. The tearing down was done some time ago, and the building up is moving along. More photos later



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