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Well, it’s sure been a lousy year.

Our club is on public land, owned by the City of Toronto. As such we fell under their COVID rules and there was no access to the club yard or building til July. The executive took a poll once the OK was given for Marinas to launch and work on boats. We, being a club, didn’t fit that catagory but with legal advice found we could go ahead with launching.

A poll was taken and about 2/3rd of the boats decided to launch for a shortened 2 or 3 month season. Access to the boats to get them ready had to be carefully orchestrated so proper distance was maintained, disinfection stations set up, portable washrooms set and we were ready to launch by the end of June. Moving the boats around to get to the ones that were launching was interesting to say the least, especially with a limited number of people to do the work. But, hats off to them, they got it done quickly and efficiently.

Masts were laid out in two stages, again, in order to keep distances between people. The stepping was done on the 11th and 17th of July, and our season, such as it is, is now underway. I’ve had access to SD since then. Sadly I’ve only been down to the club once since December. Other than to put in what hours I could, I’ve been fighting a depression since last fall and just haven’t got the motivation. Finally went off work at the end of May. However, things appear to be improving and I’m gonna try to kick myself in the arse tomorrow and get down there and pull the winter cover off. It’s pretty much in tatters and the UV is not helping. I’m currently trying to get hold of Mike Field, my welder, so we can get the last of that work done.

One thing that needs looking at for sure is the fuel system. As I noted in an earlier post, I got the engine running on the last day of the 2018 season, and it ran like a Swiss watch for an hour and a half. Come the start of the 2019 season, and I can’t keep it running for more than 5 minutes at a time. Fuel system problem. Probably a blocked vent as I’ve changed the filter and it was clean when I pulled the old one. Plugged vent is suspected.

Once we get the welding all done I’ll be able to get on with the interior and the electrical system. I hope to start updating this blog regularly again, once things start moving along. One thing is certain, I will be retired by the end of March 2021 come hell or high water.

Til next time.

PS Mike just called me, we’ll get together sometime in September.

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