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For us, Sandy was a big snooze…

October 31, 2012

Sadly a lady was killed by a falling sign and we had some trees down but otherwise not much happened. The wind picked up to its maximum just after dark and I had some stuff get moved round on the balcony, but the boats survived without any problems.

I got down there this afternoon, and found everything as I left it but just a bit soggier than it was. The water entry into the hull was minimal, so I bailed and mopped up the stuff in the high bilge. Then I checked the low bilge, the deep sump where the water is supposed to drain. There is a small hole at the bottom which has a bolt stuck in it, you take that out over winter to let it drain if anything gets in. Unfortunately with all the sawing and bashing over the last year, my deep sump is full of gunk and solidified grease from the blown rear seal on the Volvo, and the water won’t drain. It’s just about full so I ended up buying a cheap Chinese Whale pump and some hose. Tomorrow I’ll go back down and pump it out via the hole in the bottom where the depth sounder head will go.

It’s starting to get chilly, the temperatures are down to single digits now, and will drop to freezing next week, so I think the next task should be to get the winter cover on.

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