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Well, got a new truck and not much else.

September 15, 2015

Nice truck but I still have another$3000 to pay out to get winter tires, and other things. In the mean time I haven’t done squat on the boat. Our temperatures are bouncing anywhere between 28C and 13c in as few as a couple days. Half the people I work with are off with a flu, and I just picked it up on Saturday. (head feels like a cotton ball, feverish etc)

But I did get the rudder off when my brother and I took the Mazda down to the yard for temporary storage and I finally figured out  how the macro function works on my camera so I took a couple of photos of the bottom socket of the rudder. Scary.

IMG_0514        IMG_0515

As you can see, a plain steel socket, no bushing, bearing or anything. Just rust.

Took some photos of the galley hatch, lots of decay.




Here are the finished cockpit drain tubes and the exhaust j tube.


That’s about it for today, have to get my new truck out to Burlington to get the rhino skin sprayed on. That’s another day blown.

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