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Floors are finished for now…

May 7, 2016

Rebuilt the floor for frame 7, and it is now solid. Have most of the old floor plates in place, some can  be reused, some need modifications. I have enough material on hand to make due for now. I still have to put the outboard floors in, ie the ones running fore and aft between frames. Again, I have the material for that on hand as well.

However, the next job is going to be getting the cockpit drains installed. I really need to take down my winter cover, the UV is killing it. So that is next week, and then on to the next stage of the floors. That will be to start chipping and blasting the lower chine between frames, the frames themselves and then washing and  e-coating. One bay at a time, until I get that done, then I can look at cutting and welding in the final fore and aft floors.

Only got in one day last week, as the club yard is full of masts, and we will be putting them up on Friday and today. I spend Wednesday working on the boat, Thursday doing domestic jobs, and Friday I spent 9 and a half hours on the docks assisting boats in and out while the masts were stepped. I figure I have 25hrs on so far, and have 8 hrs of OOD duty in October. I plan on helping out with a few barbecues this summer so the 35 needed should be a since.

Starting next week I have the yard to myself, so it’s time to start piling on the rebuild hours. If I can get into a rhythm I figure I can log at least 24 hours a week on this. Time will tell.

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