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Oh boy are the sparks ever flying!

April 18, 2012

As of about 2235 last evening Sabre Dance is now water tight once again. The bearers are in, the “Pizza Shovel” idea used to line up the bearers , shaft log and prop bearing worked a treat. Once the shaft log was welded to the end of the hull box, we cut the 7 foot piece of mechanical tubing used for the log. It never moved so much as a millimeter out of alignment. I removed the left over pipe and the cross members, and the bearers are now just about ready for the engine to be dropped in place. I need to cut some floor beams which will act as gussets to prevent the bearers from doing any side to side movement.

However, there is as usual a friggin glitch in the Matrix again.  That abortion known as my cockpit locker is a serious mess. It will have to come apart before I can drop the engine, So tomorrow I will head out to the storage locker to get the gear I need to rig the engine lift, and later crawl in and start taking the locker apart. I spent a fun hour removing the water tank and the crap lumber used to hold it in place which was mounted behind the locker. After it was gone I found the locker to have been made from steel plate on the bottom and two sides. Then they built a back wall from cheap ply, wedged it in place and fiber glassed the inside of the locker. Which of course allowed water to migrate to the plate and rot it out.  Ergo, it comes out.  Once its out I can drop the engine.

9 days and a wake up til launch.

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  1. Woohoo!! You are getting so close:D…Definitely looking forward to reading about the Engine install.

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